Luca Draccar Releases His Much Anticipated EP “Neo Noir Plaisir”

Luca Draccar


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Luca Draccar releases his new EP “Neo Noir Plaisir,” which features the most exotic musical undertones that make the audience doubt their preconceived notions of Techno music.

What are the essential factors that the audience searches for in a song that will instantly allow them to escape and unwind in the face of a busy chaotic life? Introducing music producer Luca Draccar, who has worked tirelessly with his distinctive soundscape and music composing skills, creates tracks that instantaneously resonate with the listener, allowing them to connect deeply with his music.

The versatile Berlin-based artist incorporates unexpected musical components into every one of his tracks, elevating him above the majority of electronic artists. His musical taste, combined with his high-end creative aura, results in an entirely different atmosphere that instills euphoria and suspense in the audience as the music unfolds.

Luca Draccar shines with versatility on his upcoming EP “Neo Noir Plaisir” while preserving all that listeners love about his transcendent masterpieces in a strenuous combination of his thrilling talents that integrates the dynamic depth of his melody range with the vibrant spark of mysterious and dark vibes. Reinvigorated and revitalized for the here and now,

Draccar’s EP showcases The Artist’s highly skilled and intelligent approach to transforming a genre you know into an all-new experience you’re sure to enjoy.

Join Luca Draccar for the official release of his spectacular EP “Neo Noir Plaisir” on November 5th on every major online music outlet across the world as he maintains his surge directly to the top in 2021.

To listen to more of his music, or for interested parties to reach out to Luca Draccar for an interview on their site, podcast, or radio show, you can make contact via the information provided below.


Neo Noir Plaisir

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